Mehandi is one of the most cherished ceremonies in a wedding series. From applying henna to gracing the occasion with fashionable looks and glamour, it symbolises sheer joy and celebration all around the corner.

However, when it comes to styling your mehandi look in the most unique way, you can opt for Hazoorilal mehandi jewellery, which features exclusive designs and intricate patterns that perfectly complement the diverse fashion styles. Whether you like classic charm or modern aesthetics in your look, their designer jewellery is for all.

Read on to learn more about precious mehandi jewellery, its types, and how you can accessorise it in the best way.

Traditionally, haathphool or baajuband were some of the significant ornaments for celebrating the mehandi look. With transformations in craftsmanship and fashion trends, they have evolved into a variety of ornaments with distinctive designs. From earrings to anklets, every piece of jewellery is worth celebrating for every special moment, including the mehandi ceremony.

Here are some of the prominent types of mehandi jewellery you can opt for from Hazoorilal Mehandi Jewellers.

Polki jewellery

The royal and real brilliance of polki jewellery featuring uncut diamonds is best to accessorise a mehandi outfit. The blend of traditional elegance with contemporary aesthetics ensures a statement look.

Kundan jewellery

The rich and regal appeal of Kundan jewellery is perfect for fashion enthusiasts who want a royal shine in their look. Featuring intricate designs in combination with the spark of colourful gemstones in gold plated settings, kundan jewellery is an exquisite addition to your ensemble.

Apart from these types, Hazoorilal mehandi jewellery in Delhi comes with floral designs with diamonds, pearls, and other precious and semi-precious stones. You can explore them in their online store or at their store in Greater Kailash-1 in Delhi.

Keep reading to learn about the styling tips for special looks with exclusively designed mehandi jewellers.

Layering: Pick different pieces of mehandi jewellery and let your look exude unique elegance.

Mix and match: Opt for adornments of different materials, like diamond bracelets with rose gold-plated bangles.

Highlight your mehandi: choose the adornments that can become the companions of the gace in your hands with henna.

Hair accessories: Opt for sophisticated accessories from Hazoorilal mehandi jewellery in India and adorn your hair in the most exquisite way.

Summing up!

Mehandi jewellery helps celebrate tradition and style. Opting for adornments from Hazoorilal Mehandi Jewellers allows you to style your look and give it distinctive appeal. Look at their collections online or visit them at their store in Greater Kailash-1 in Delhi.